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  20. Lets examine some of the basic Hydroponic Systems available to the home user.EBB AND FLOWAlso called the Flood & Drain, this system works by flooding the reservoir routinely with nutrient solution and empties back to yet another tank to be recycled. Crops on this method are put into trays which hang over a nutrient chamber. The choice of growing medium will determine how often and how long you flood the container for. To regulate your ebb-and-flow cycle a water pump is utilized. This system is considered the most typical of all hydroponic systems.DRIPHaving the identical set up as an Ebb & Flow system with a reservoir and trays that hang over the nutrient chamber, this hydroponic system works by a constant drip of solution pumped in the growth tray. Flow rate can be difficult to control on a drip system as well as the emitters are prone to clogging. These problems can be magnified when you try to make your own drip system.WATER CULTUREThis setup will work well for beginners as it is widely considered the easiest arrangement for small scale hydroponic systems. Crops drift on top of nutrient tanks with dangling plant roots within the solution. An air pump can be employed to oxygenate your nutrient solution. Water Culture is one of the oldest examples of hydroponic systems; however it can be a bit tough to control. You must make an effort to keep light from getting to the nutrient solution as it promotes the growth of algae. Algae will eat the nutrients you are trying to feed to your plants, and when pieces of algae die they attract pests leading to many other problems.WICKThis technique needs no pump and little upkeep. Wicks, usually nylon rope, soak up the nutrients solution to the plant roots inside the growth tray. The solution will not cycle out of the trays so you may have issues with dissolved solids in the nutrient solutions crystallizing on the wick which results in a decline of water absorption. Should there be any pH issues they are slower to remedy because the wick itself harbors additional nutrients which would throw the actual nutrient pH off.These simple, yet versatile, hydroponic systems allow the home user to pick and choose which method will work the best in spaces available. After all you are not limited to just one way of growing. Each will have their positive and negative attributes and you may be surprised at what works best for you. All these hydroponic systems allow for adjustments to make them capable of growing organic crops.
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  26. We are so familiar with synthetic insecticides that the decision to gravitate over to the all natural insecticide products is one we do either gradually or cold turkey (all in). Only recently have our habits changed from rushing to the cupboard and extricating the can of synthetic chemicals to chase insects around the home and in doing so gas the human inhabitants as well. We accompany the household spray with an arsenal of other chemical products that are used like Agent Orange on our lawns and vegetable gardens. All this conditioning is the first thing that we need to overcome before we can go down the natural insecticide path and stop polluting our environment. Going green is psychological warfare as much as it is a change of lifestyle.The products available commercially that can be shop bought are limited. Looking along your supermarket shelves there are many more chemical bombs than green friendly types, so you would be forgiven for thinking that the natural green product is less effective due to product supply and demand. Just because there are more chemical types on the shelf does not mean they are more popular and more effective.Other forms of insect control that you might want to research is the act of planting companion plants that are known to either repel pests or attract beneficial ones. These plants can enhance the growth and\or the taste of vegetables as well making them work double duty within your garden. This can take a little planning, as you are looking for plants that compliment each other in shape, texture, and color, and within your personal landscape design. Also it is important to match plants that have the same requirements for water, temperature, and general growing requirements. Not only does it fill in the look of your garden, but also by choosing plants with natural insecticide qualities, you have at your fingertips, a ready supply of materials in which you can make your own natural insecticides as needed.

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